Mental disorders are the mental health conditions that affect the behavior of an individual. Here is a list of common mental health disorders

  1. Mood disorders
  2. Anxiety disorders
  3. Personality disorders
  4. Eating disorders
  5. Psychosis

Following are the brief explanations on each disorder.


They are disorders that lead to a persistent hike in sadness or happiness.

The known mood disorders are:


Depression comes as a result of continuous discouragements and frustration.

The way an individual handles depression determines how long it lasts.

For some it lasts for a few days while others it takes a lifetime and without medical attention it becomes a disability.

This can cause permanent physical damage to an individual for example change in sleeping and eating patterns.

Bipolar disorder

It is a disorder that involves sudden changes of the mood that can include the violent deranging of the mind or insanity.

This disorder requires medical attention for it to be controlled.

When it becomes too intense, it affects an individual’s way of thinking.

The cyclothymic disorder


Normal anxiety is not treated as a disorder.

Nevertheless, the disorder comes in when a person has uncontrollable response to situations and cannot function normally in areas such as school and work.

Such disorders include;


Recurring events of sudden panic attacks causes a panic disorder.

Indications of panic attacks include chocking, abnormal heartbeats and severe pains in the chest.

Specific Phobia

This is an irresistibly strong fear a person experiences when they come into contact with specific situations including animals like snakes, doctors, tall buildings and storms.

This can cause a person to avoid such.

Generalized anxiety disorder.

It is a condition in which too much worry begins to interfere with the normal routine of individual causing problems such as; low concentration, fatigue and uneasiness.

Obsessive compulsive disorder

It is a condition in which disturbing urges are experienced by an individual.

Disturbing enough to make an individual become obsessed and hence perform unsuitable things in order to make them feel better.

Social anxiety disorder

It is a common disorder which some refer to as cowardice.

An individual lacks courage of doing their activities publicly.

They are afraid of the negative judgments from other people and therefore, making new friends is a problem to them.

Post traumatic stress disorder

After a distressing situation, an individual is likely to develop psychological issues which with time develop into a permanent disability.

This alters a person’s normal functioning and leads to distressing memories, nightmares and social detachment, Therefore the individual avoids situations that trigger the bad memories.


A situation where a person tries as much as possible to avoid panic attacks due to their previous overwhelming experiences of fear of embarrassment.


These are abnormal reactions that entail mainly food.

The common eating disorders are;

Bulimia nervosa

It is a condition where a person tries to get rid of the discomfort that results from excessive food intake by either skipping some meals or too much exercise.

Anorexia nervosa

It is a condition where a person entirely dedicates themselves in regulating the amount of food intake.

Binge eating disorder


From psycho, we already know that psychosis refers to situations affecting the mind.

It is a mental disorder that causes physical brain damage leading to mania and imaginations of unreal things.

It can be caused by the bipolar disorder and others.


Personality disorders cause an individual to have issues with working especially publicly and social interactions.

This interferes and limits their capability to create normal interactions.


This is a mental disorder whose symptoms includes; low social activity, lack of speech, hallucinating, abnormal behavior and too much confusion.

Other mental disorders include;

Factitious disorders

Dissociative disorders

Sexual and gender disorders

This affects the sexual performance of a person.

Sexual dysfunction is an example of this type of disorder.

Somatic symptom disorders

Individuals with this disorder, even with medical attention, their pain is persistent.

Tic disorders

It is a condition where a person makes uncontrollable and snell movements on various parts of the body.


Some of the above mental disorders can mainly be treated using therapy sessions, medical attentions, and psychotherapy including other methods.