Everything you need to know about Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s disease is a slow and progressive disease associated with the brain that can affect your basic ability to think, answer, speak as well as reasoning

We all are aware of the fact that every single control of the body is managed by our brain

It is the most vital organ without which the rest of the body will be useless

This disease slowly decreases the actual potential of the brain which triggers number of issues including memory loss

The causes of Alzheimer’s disease are not yet known

However accumulation of a protein ‘beta-amyloid’ in the brain is believed to be largely responsible for it

It is because of the nerve cells of our brain, that we are able to react to the different situations that we come across

The increased production or accumulation of this protein results in the death of nerve cells

Thus it affects your ability to perform some familiar tasks that you used to perform daily

You may feel difficulty in speaking as well as writing

Due to the memory loss, you may lose or misplace some of your important things

The death of nerve cells will make you lose interest in your daily activities and result in poor judgement

Possibility of being affected with this disease increases substantially after the age of 70

Once you cross the age of 85, you are always at the risk

Along with age being a factor there are also genetic risk factors associated with Alzheimer’s disease

Other risk factors include high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes and an increase in the blood cholesterol level

However not all of them with this symptoms may necessarily suffer from Alzheimer.


Alzheimer’s disease is one of the biggest concerns many of us have as we are getting older

Instead of depending upon our fate there is a lot we can do to avoid this disease in future

Research have shown that you can reduce your risk of Alzheimer through applying simple but effective lifestyle changes

By living a brain-healthy lifestyle, you will definitely be able to slow down or prevent the consequences of it

There are many antibiotics available in the market that can help you decrease the risk of Alzheimer

However they always carry along them some unwanted side-effects

Its always better to go with some of the natural remedies that are available to us in nature


Decrease in incidents of Alzheimer have been observed over the years, with people who have included more fruits and vegetables in their diet, Specifically including berries each day, that contain a class of compounds called ‘Anthocyanosides’ will fight the beta-amyloid plaques in the brain

Studies have shown that people those who have included fatty fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna had lower rates of Alzheimer’s

The omega-3 fatty acids that the above fishes posses help to keep this disease at bay

Consuming a glass of fruit juices along with your evening meal can help to protect your brain cells from any sort of toxic effect of beta amyloid

Also patients who had acquired to the Mediterranean style diet had a lower rate of Alzheimer’s compared to others.


Exercise can help boost your mental strength and nerve cell growth

Daily workout of about 2 hours will ensure a healthy flow of fresh oxygen along with blood to your brain cells

This will not only keep you active, but will also slow down further deterioration in those who have already been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease

Beginners can try swimming and early morning jogging out

If you are facing any sort of trouble with intense workout, you can try opting for yoga along with other balance and coordination exercises

Have a strict and healthy home-made diet by avoiding all the oily stuff.


It is important that we keep our brain cells active by constantly challenging it

Just as your body requires daily exercise to remain fit, the same way it is essential to train your brain too

You can try learning new foreign languages or practice memorization

You can strengthen your nerve connections by playing strategy games like chess or puzzles, and number games such as scrabble or Sudoku


If proper night sleep is missing out from your daily routine, than you need to eliminate all those factors that are responsible for it

Inadequate sleep is most common among Alzheimer patients and the best way to slow it down is by including adequate 8 hours of proper sleep

Proper sleep can help eradicate all the brain toxins improving your memory and concentration ability.


Living a stress-free lifestyle and maintaining a strict daily schedule is essential for preventing any disease in future

Avoid all the unhealthy foods, and habits such as smoking, since its your life and you only live it once.