Phenibut Hero Review

Sometime around November of 2015 I came upon some websites talking about a drug called Phenibut.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2016. I decided at the beginning of the year to give up drinking.

It was described as a drug that will give you the benefits of getting drunk, without any of the negatives. I have a lot of experience being a complete degenerate drinker, so I filed this away as something to look into in the future.

There were a few reasons I did this, but one of the main reasons was health.

After spending a few weeks completely sober at bars, I started to realize how insane drunk people are. It’s like sober people and drunk people are on completely different wavelengths.

It takes a while to get used to going to bars while sober.

Not the easiest thing.

However, after adapting to this situation, I recalled someone talking about Phenibut having none of the drawbacks of alcohol and decided to order some to try.

For me it was about 2 weeks and I was good.

How to Take Phenibut

If you are coming to this wanting to learn about Phenibut, but don’t feel like reading all the nitty gritty details, here’s the points you must know.

Phenibut is a relatively cheap legal drug that makes you feel like you have a buzz from alcohol, but none of the negative mental effects like loss of motor control or negative thoughts. You’ll still be completely in control of your body, but with zero anxiety.

If you are like me and quit drinking, Phenibut is the best substitute.

Like everything in life, use it responsibly!

Quick Phenibut Dosing Guide:

Take 750mg just once during a 24 hour period. Use only twice a week.

I got my Phenibut from Phenibut Hero and can vouch for it.

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It works awesome.

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OK, So What is Phenibut?

Phenibut (beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). Adding a phynyl ring allows the Phenibut to pass through the blood brain barrier.

Phenibut acts as a depressant on the nervous system in a similar fashion to alcohol and other drugs that act on GABA receptors such as benzos, barbitiuates, and GHB.  Unlike other depressants though, Phenibut acts on the GABA-b receptors.

Is Phenibut legal in the United States?

Phenibut is indeed legal to buy and consume in America. I live in America, so it was as easy as going online and buying some. If you live in Russia however, you’ll have to get a prescription from a doctor.

Phenibut is sold as a “dietary supplement” in America. Unlike pretty much every other dietary supplement though, Phenibut actually works, and works well.

What kind of “high” can I expect from Phenibut (What are the Effects)?

Some of the effects that you can expect from using Phenibut are:

  • The feeling of being able to think faster
  • Enjoying hearing music more than usual
  • General feeling of well-being
  • Desire to talk to other people
  • Loss of anxiety

For more information on what phenibut does, check out Phenibut Hero’s extensive phenibut guide, here.

My experience with Phenibut

Like I said, I was intrigued to find out about this drug that took away anxiety like alcohol but didn’t have the negatives associated with it.  I fired up the old laptop and ordered some. I found out that Phenibut only costs around 20 bucks for 50 grams.  I immediately ordered it and sat back ready for the drugs to arrive in the mail.

If you are someone who balks at the idea of taking drugs ordered off the internet that arrives in a small bag, I get it.  I’d recommend you to just try it anyway and not be scared.

I received my package on a Thursday and was excited to give it a try. I opted to wait a day and try it on Friday as I’d be going out that night. I’d also read that you should take Phenibut on an empty stomach and I had already had a big breakfast.

About 4 days later the package arrived. I ripped the thing open and found a bag of white powder, a tiny scoop, and a small bag of green stuff called Kratom thrown in for good measure.

The first day:

Friday morning I got up and was excited to try the Phenibut. I had to drive my car over to the shop to get some repairs done so I woke up and took about 500 mg in the morning on an empty stomach. The way I took the Phenibut was I used the little 500 mg scooper to scoop the stuff onto a spoonful of yogurt.

Warning:  Phenibut is like sour kool-aid.

I went to the hot bar area and grabbed some food. As I was waiting in line the Phenibut hit. The feeling was pretty good. I’m thinking to myself, “Oh my God, is this the Phenibut working?” It was as if I got a little lighter, I felt much more positive, and started to get a little warmer.  It was a weird feeling. It was kind of like a light buzz from alcohol, but with no disorientation that comes with drinking.

I downed the spoonful of yogurt/Phenibut, had a coffee, and went over to get my repairs done on my car. The repairs took a little longer than I expected and I wound up sitting in the office dicking around on my phone for about an hour. Finally, my car was ready and I decided to head over to the supermarket in the area to get something to eat. At this point it was approaching 2 hours since taking the initial Phenibut dose and I had almost forgotten about it.

For the next couple hours, the feeling got stronger and stronger until leveling off around 3 hours later. The feeling then stayed at this level for a couple more hours before slowly dissapating. I wound up not going out that night and just staying in and getting work done. At this point, I was convinced that this stuff was the real deal. I decided that I would give Phenibut another try the next day.  I wanted to see if it was as effective two days in a row. I went to bed really quick that night and had a great night of sleep.

The fifth day:

The next morning I woke up feeling absolutely incredible. I have no idea if this was due to the Phenibut still being in my system or not, but I don’t usually wake up feeling that good.

I told a couple of my friends about Phenibut and they were interested it trying it themselves. I thought this was a good idea to give multiple perspectives on the drug. I wasn’t going to be drinking on it, but I thought they would be, so it worked out well. I also have 50 grams of the stuff which is an absurd amount considering how little it took to have an effect.

This turned out to be ineffective for me. I got to Starbucks around 6 PM and ordered a coffee. I took a little shot cup for espresso and dumped about 750 mg of Phenibut in. I then poured some coffee into the glass and stirred it up. I then drank the mix. It tasted really bad, but not as bad as everyone on the internet was making it out to be. Just down the stuff and don’t think about the taste.

I took the Phenibut a little differently on the fifth day. What ended up happening was I knew for a fact I was going out that night to watch a UFC event, so I wanted to take the Phenibut a little later in the day to get the effect while I was out.

We went out to a bar about an hour later to watch this UFC. By the time we got our food coming in, the Phenibut started to kick in. For me, it was a barely noticeable effect. I thought that something was happening, but the effect was nothing compared to the previous day.

I may have looked like a complete lunatic taking a bag of white powder and mixing it with coffee in a Starbucks.

About a half hour later, my friends showed up and they each took turns taking the stuff.  Some of them did 500 mg and one guy did 1 gram of the stuff. These guys already had 2-3 drinks in their system from dinner, so they were well on their way to mixing alcohol and Phenibut.

At this point I came to the conclusion that Phenibut is a very fickle drug. It seemed as though you really need to dose this drug correctly for it to work good.  Either that, or the tolerance built up extremely fast from one day’s use.

I happened to notice that my one friend was talking a lot and was generally “peppy”. He said to me, “I think this stuff is working, I feel really good!” The other guys I were with seemed to feel it a little too. However, they were drinking as well so I’m not sure how much of it was them drinking and how much of it was legit feelings from Phenibut.

I went home and wound up staying up til around 4 AM that night. I was feeling pretty positive and had a nice night of sleep.  I woke up the next day feeling refreshed again and experienced no hangover like feelings. After minimal results the night before, I decided that the next week I would kick it up a notch.